Coaching and counselling

We offer both counselling and coaching tailored to the individual's need.

We assist in creating strategies for achieving specific goals in your personal and work life.

We use Solution Focussed Therapy, with the emphasis on your own strengths, responsibility and accountability. It is future-focused and goal-directed.

Both counselling and coaching aim to build self-awareness.

Counselling deals with past emotional pain. Reflecting on the past enables us to identify unhealthy behaviour patterns and root causes of current difficulties.

The objective of counselling is to help resolve past painful events and improve your emotional state. Some disorders result from childhood or young adult life experiences. Focusing only on the present and future will not ensure permanent change.

Coaching focuses on the present and future.

The objective of coaching is to aid personal development, learn new skills and provide tools to build a more satisfying, successful and purposeful life.

Our workshops facilitate the discovery of inner wisdom and strength to guide you to solutions that will set you on a path to a purposeful and compelling future.

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